This has to be one of the easiest, most basic patterns for knitting a cowl or endless scarf! Such a great project for beginner’s. If you can cast on, do the knit stitch, bind off, and sew, you’ll be all set! I think this would be a perfect first project for someone who’s just learning how to knit. Or, it’s a great “mindless” knitting project for a more advanced knitter, who wants something easy to keep their hands busy while watching a movie!


  • 2 balls of Bernat Mosaic Yarn (100g/3.5 oz) in the color “Medusa” (I picked it up at A.C. Moore while it was on sale for $2.99/ball!)
  • Size 9 knitting needles
  • Darning needle


  1. Cast on 40 stitches
2. Work back and forth in the garter stitch (knit every single stitch of every row!) until you run out of yarn. The only tricky part about this cowl (if you’re using the Moasic yarn) is that you’ll want to start your new skein of yarn on the same color as you ended the last skein. So, if you end on a light pink part of the yarn, make sure to start on the same color of the second skein when switching.
3. Continue in garter stitch with your second skein of yarn, either until you run out of yarn or until the piece measures around 53 inches long. You’ll be stitching the ends together, so make sure you end on a similar color as you started the cowl with.
4. Bind off, and sew the two ends together, forming a loop. Weave in ends, and your cowl is complete! 
I made this cowl for my Mom, but since she’s a little camera-shy, I had to put the cowl on for the photos, so you can see how it looks when wrapped twice around the neck. xo!

29 Responses to Super Easy Beginner’s Knitting Cowl / Endless Scarf Pattern, using Garter Stitch

  1. Brenda says:

    Love your new blog, I saw it on KnittingParadise.

    Thanks for sharing

    • knitandbake says:

      Thank you so much! -D

    • Jenny Talamantez says:

      Hi Ms Knitandbake ~I too saw your blog on KnittingParadise and am brand new to knitting…and really appreciate your pattern & instructions, beautifully illustrated. I too Thank you~ Have you made Red Velvet waffles yet? I just received the “KRUPS” waffle iron I purchased on Amazon, and the waffle recipe was on Rachael Ray’s show this week…Tomorrow! Ciao; Jenny

  2. Libby says:

    I saw your new blog on Ravelry – I am a new blogger too and loving it! Your photos are superb! I need to practice mine!!!! Any tips for a newbie photographer?! Good luck!

    • knitandbake says:

      Hi Libby! Thanks so much for your sweet words. I’m actually a photographer in real life (I just knit+bake when I have a minute to relax!), so taking the photos for this blog is really fun for me My best tip for a new photographer is to shoot a LOT, and shoot the things/people you love!

  3. Margaret says:

    Can you knit this on circular needles and just then you don’t need to sew the ends together?

    • knitandbake says:

      Hi Margaret,
      Yes, you could knit this on very long circular needles, and you wouldn’t need to seem the ends together. I chose to knit this on regular needles because I wanted the stitch to go around the cowl horizontally, rather than vertically. But, either way would be beautiful!

  4. Maureen says:

    Found your blog from Knitting Paradise. Love the pics will definitely be stopping back!

  5. Kathy Maxwell says:

    Love your new blog and also saw it on knitting paradise. Love the scarves you have made and love the colors. I recently made a scarf and twisted it at the end and it looks like one of those special mobius scarves which looks a little different. It is so much fun to try new things with the beautiful yarns. thank you for your enthusiasm.

  6. Maria Polera says:

    I made one it is fast and easy. Thanks for the pattern!

  7. Louise says:

    Hi from Scotland…..just found your blog by accident and love it……am pretty new to knitting but really fancy trying the rainbow cowl/ scarf ……will just have to source same/similar wool (sorry, yarn) here….

  8. You’re knitting beautifully! You know a fantastic array of stitches! Good luck with the knitting! I’ve just got back into knitting myself after a long time away so this post is really handy for reminding me how to do things. :)Thanks for sharing this pattern. I love it!

  9. Elyse Goldberg says:

    Love your knitting patterns & recipes. Can’t wait until Purim to make hamentashen : )

    • knitandbake says:

      Thank you so much! Although, you don’t HAVE to wait for Purim to make hamantaschen :) My husband requests them all year long actually!

  10. Elaine says:

    My niece has a cowl scarf similar to this but when the two ends were sewn together one of the ends was twisted first. I am just ready Kathy Maxwell’s blog about twisting at the end before sewing together. It really looks nice and gives the scarf a little more dimension. Thanks for having this website. I like the colors in your cowl scarf!

  11. HockeyMom says:

    I found this pattern and am using it for a semester project where I had to “teach myself how to do something” using only the internet, blogs, Twitter etc. I chose to knit a scarf and this pattern is awesome. I’m loving my scarf and the progress I am making(even though it’s only about 3 inches long). My only worry is when I have to start the second skein…any suggestions for a beginner?? Thank you!!

  12. […] started by following this pattern, which I found online. The tutorial is ideal for beginners as it is made using a garter stitch and […]

  13. Ani says:

    Hello! I’m new to knitting and this is my first piece. Thank you so much for this pattern. I love it! I’m almost done and I’m not quite sure how to sew the ends together nor do I know how to “weave in the ends”. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you again!


    • knitandbake says:

      Hi there! So glad you are taking up knitting, it’s the best :) You can search youtube for lots of videos for how to seam the sides, but basically, you just use a large yarn needle (a darning needle) and your yarn to sew up the sides. As for weaving in ends, check out this video I made for another pattern, which shows you how I weave ends in: Thanks!

  14. Rebecca says:

    Hi there, just wondering in the photos of you wearing the scarf do you have it doubled? Is it that long. Thanks :) Love your blog BTW

  15. Carol Taylor says:

    What are the dimensions of the scarf before you stitch the ends together?

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