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Here’s my pattern for this simple, beautiful, and quick garter stitch cowl, knitted in the round. I love this cowl scarf because it’s super soft, cozy, and warm, and because it’s knit on round needles in one piece, there’s no need to sew up any seams. You could knit this up in a day or two!


  • 1 skein of Bernat Roving yarn in a light turquoise
  • Size 13 circular needles
  • Darning needle for weaving in tails


1. Cast on 56 stitches on your circular, size 13 needles.

2. Knit entire first row. When you’ve finished, join your work, making sure not to twist any stitches. After you’ve joined the piece, purl the next row. This is different than knitting the garter stitch on straight needles (where you would knit every stitch of both rows). To achieve the garter stitch when knitting in the round, knit every stitch of the first row, and purl every stitch of the second row. Repeat these two rows until your piece is finished.

If you need help remembering when to switch from knit to purl, and visa versa, add a stitch marker where it switches. If you don’t have an actual stitch marker, you can use a piece of yarn, or anything that will go around the needle.

3. Continue until you are almost out of yarn, leaving enough to bind off. Bind off your last row, and weave in any ends. Your cowl is complete!