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I got the inspiration from a cowl/snood in the men’s section at Zara in New York City. Their cowl was with a finer, silkier yarn, but I made mine with a chunky, super warm grey wool. This pattern is really easy, knit in the round (no seams!) and can be knit up in a couple of nights. The k4, p4 pattern creates a horizontal ribbing or stripes that make it really easy to “scrunch” down when wearing the cowl.


  • 2 skeins, Bernat Roving yarn (I used the color “Flint”, and had half a skein left over)
  • Size 13 circular needles
  • Darning needle, for weaving in the ends


1. Cast on 56 stitches onto your circular, size 13 needle.

2. Join work together, being careful not to twist any stitches. Place stitch marker where you joined the stitches. Work entire piece in the round, following this pattern: knit 4 rows, purl 4 rows.

3. Continue in this pattern until your cowl is roughly 10″ long when bunched up, or about 16-18 inches when stretched out. Mine had 19 “stripes” (19 stripes at 4 rows per stripe = 76 rows total). You can make it shorter or longer, depending on how you’d like to wear it! Finish your last row on a “purl” stripe, and only purl 3 rows, rather than 4. Then, bind off in the purl, and that will be your fourth row. Weave in any ends, and your cowl is ready!